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Brown Beauties LLC. now offers Organic Soaps. With less than 5 ingredients per bar, you are GUARANTEED to enjoy and will thank yourself for this self-care purchase.  

Organic Soap (Single Bar)

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Brown Beauties LLC. now offers great skin care products that is a simple extention of self-care. These organic soaps will assist with relaxation, dry skin, balancing chakras, relieving stress etc.! 

    See Below For Additional Details

    Turmeric & Honey- This lightly scented, ALL NATURAL bar is infused with turmeric. Hydrates skin, restores and balances whole-body health. (Honey, Turmeric, Calendula, 100% essential oil blend)

    Eucalyptus & Citrus- This refreshing ALL NATURAL bar will calm and clear your mind. The stimulating Citrus essential oil blend will relieve stress and exhaustion while increasing creativity and focus. (Blend of citrus essential oils, dried Eucalytus, coconut oil, matcha)

    Rose & Vanilla- This calming ALL NATURAL bar will align the chakras. Its uplifting yet calm nature will leave you rejuvenated and relaxed. (Shea butter, 100% essential oil blend, dried roses), 

    Cinnamon & Oregano- This warming ALL NATURAL bar is known for fighting bacteria. Oregano and Cinnamon will put you in the mood for a great massage. (cinnamon, oregano, honey, 100% essential oil blend)

    Activated Charcoal- This refreshing ALL NATURAL bar is lightly scented and gets the job done! While unclogging pores, removing dead skin cells and other impurities it's infused cocoa butter will leave skin soft and evenly toned. (Activated Charcoal powder, cocoa butter, 100% essential oil blend)

    Oats & Honey- This soothing ALL NATURAL bar will soften skin, giving a finishing silky feel. Invigorating oats and honey continue to nourish the skin thoughout the day. (Shea butter, oatmeal, honey, 100% essential oil blend).


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